Kyla Winter

Difficult to find; impossible to forget.

Gentelmen, welcome!

By clicking onto my website, you are clearly looking for a mature, sophisticated, well travelled and professional escort.

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Kyla, which means beautiful and lovely, and I have been an Australian escort for a few years now.

Escorting is a job I cherish and love, not just for the physical side but for the intimacy and connection that blossoms between myself and my clients. The gentlemen I choose to see enjoy my company over dinner just as much as our time in bed. I am 30 years old, and have lived a life rich with experience.

Don’t be fooled by my girl next door looks or my corporate attire. Underneath my blouse and skirt is my stockings and suspenders and lacy panties, and underneath that, well, I’ll leave that to your wild imagination…  I am 178cm tall, brunette, with a smile that I have been told lights up a room. My eyes are hazel and I must be the only escort in Australia with a natural E cup bust!

Business then Pleasure… 


I expect good manners, respect and honesty. I don’t see an endless stream of gentlemen and prefer longer bookings to one in, one out.

I like to keep myself in the best shape mentally and physically so you get the best of me, not a burnt out me. I choose mental health over financial gain and prefer longer, less frequent bookings.

As a professional I take my business seriously, and appreciate when you do the same. Discretion is assured



Deposits are essential, even if we have met previously, and appointments are not secured until the deposit has cleared.

To secure your preferred booking time I require a deposit which is payable into a discreet account via online transfer. For overseas clients I offer an alternate method. 


Keep in mind when you inquire for a booking that the is not held until a deposit has been made and confirmed.

I field multiple inquiries at a time and operate on a “first in best dressed” basis. 

Terms and Conditions

All deposits are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation or needing to reschedule a minimum of 48 hours is required.


When notice is received 48 hours prior to our booking, your deposit may go towards a future booking of the same length and experience provided the rescheduled booking is within one month of the initial date.*

Cancelations or rescheduling outside of this time frame will result in the full deposit being retained. 


Whilst my cancelling on you is a rare occurrence, a full refund is available to you. 

*All deposits made on tour are non-refundable. 


“To live is the rarest experience of all. Most people exist. That is all.”  -Oscar Wilde

Extended Bookings

 Fly Me To You, Weekends away, & Overnights -Price on Enquiry

Dinner Date

$2500  -Four hours divided between dessert and dinner….

3 Hours

$3000 Passion, Inimacy… I adore the company of men. 

2 Hours

$2000 – A taste for a first time meeting

90 mins


1 Hour



Your nationality does not matter to me, as long as you treat me with kindness, respect & manners. Please dont be shy.

I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported. -Mae West


As Zsa Zsa Gabor famously said, “I don’t accept gifts from perfect strangers, but then, -nobody is perfect”

Native Australian Flowers 
Mecca Gift cards
Spa Days
Glasshouse Candles


Whether accompanying you to dinner, slipping away for a rendevous on lunch break, or getting away from the husstle of daily life for a few days, our time together will be relaxed, intimate and enjoyable.

I prefert not to adhere to a list of services as such, and prefer to go with the flow and enjoy ourselves. Contact me with what you have in mind during our time together. 

All men who touch first with words go much further afterwards with their hands. -Antonio Skarmeta


Please demonstrate manners and respect when contacting me, and provide your name, age, profession, plus a brief description of the experience you are looking for. A simple ‘Hi’ will not warrant a response. A polite and informative request will get a prompt response. Your introduction SMS or email should include your name, age, location & desired services, along with the preferred dates/times for meeting. As a professional I take my business seriously, and appreciate when you do the same. Discretion is assured

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  • Embla 
  • Gimlet 
  • Lume 
  • Cutter and co. 
  • Cumulus Inc.  
  • Attica 
  • Ines Wine Bar 
  • Atlas Dining
  • Mamasita
  • IDES
  • Society
  • Sokyo -Sydney

  • Resturant Hubert -Sydney

  • The Apollo Resturant -Sydney

  • Esteban -Sydney 

  • Osterria Oggi -Adelaide

  • Three Blue Ducks -Brisbane

  • Pialligo Estage -Canberra

  • LPM Resturant & Bar -Dubai
  • Indochine -Dubai
  • Flamingo Room -Dubai
  • LAVO -Singapore
  • Caffe Fernet -Singapore
  • Art -Singapore
  • Odette -Singapore
  • Resturant Zen -Singapore
  • Corner House -Singapore
  • The French Cafe -Auckland
  • Amano -Auckland
  • Depot -Auckland
  • Ebisu -Auckland
Meeting Kyla was months in the making due to my schedule, but this gorgeous human makes it so easy.
From the moment I stepped through the door I was blown away, beautiful, stunning, intelligent, interesting, grounded and a whole lot of things the world needs more of.
We got lost for a few precious hours, the kind of lost that you just don't want to end. This delicious girl was so much more than I expected. Great click.
My mistake was not having enough time.
Kyla is an amazing woman in so many ways, I cannot wait for our worlds to cross again, I will definitely make sure there is more time
Kyla, thank you for saying yes all those months ago, the wait was so worth it and more, you are a real treasure.
Safe Paws
I have just had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Kyla for 3 delightful hours. Communication prior to the meeting was clear and easy. When we met I couldn't stop smiling, she was more attractive than I had dared to hope. Conversation was interesting and easy. When we were ready for the next level I was a little gobsmacked - no gory details but wow. Kyla has a beautiful all natural figure and is a lovely genuine person. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and offer a firm recommendation to any decent sorts who are considering a great experience. Thank you Kyla - I am still grinning! x
Words & Pictures can only describe a person to a certain degree, then you meet her & all expectations are exceeded!
The down to earth, absolutely stunning, fun, yet naughty side is experienced.
Kyla is by far more than what we read about and visually imagined from her profile.
We were nervous at the beginning of not knowing what to expect, & we were left with an amazing experience never to be forgotten.!!!
Thank you
- Skittles -
She is at times candid, delightfully frank and can show biting sarcasm. But she ultimately tempers this with a light touch and a genuinely empathetic nature.

Of course I cannot pretend to know who KW really is, or what goes through her mind. Who can, with only one meeting (however many hours it may be).

But what I saw was intriguing.

Superficially, she is very pretty, with the kind of looks that many would be intimidated by. I couldn't tell for sure, but it really seemed as though men were, by strange coincidence, keen to take pictures of things in her general direction when she walked by!

The lasting impression is of a young woman who can play a 'blonde' role (and play it well!) but who in fact has an incredibly incisive mind, who is pragmatic, ambitious and who is mature for her years.

I told her I would be happy to spend long lunches with her, with perhaps only ice cream for desert. I may be accused of being disingenuous, but I like to think I meant it.

Whatever the truth of it, I very much enjoyed her company, and had a truly fun time.

York Roamer
Words can not describe how lovely her body is. Especially those natural big breast that she had. She is sweet and fun person and I enjoyed my time with very much and I can not wait to see her again.
David JR 323
By now, a day or two has passed, and as I look back on my time in Melbourne; reality has begun to fade to memory - what was clear, becomes instead gently misty. Kyla and a friend, who are creatures of wonder, have known each other a long time. TL;DR: yes, my god yes.

So to play with both of them for an afternoon was something that happened serendipitously. When all is said and done, and I reflect on the good and bad decisions I made in life, I have no doubt that asking if 'Kyla was free to join us this afternoon' will rank as one of the best decisions I've ever made. They are genuinely in sync, and this is apparent in the way they enjoy each other's company, play with each other (both sexually and otherwise), touch each other and laugh together.

Marvellously, Kyla's a wonderfully open person, and what could easily force one out of intimacy by being exclusionary, instead becomes delightfully conspiratorial. Her easy smile, incredible physique and deep brown eyes are filled with delightful naughtiness. And, for the sake of clarity, her pictures do not do her justice; she's sophisticated, humorous, beautiful, statuesque, sartorially elegant and just bloody good fun, and I enjoyed my time with her intensely. I won't go into specific detail, but I will say that she's incredibly fun, sexy, dirty in parts and affectionate in others. I'm so glad our paths crossed, and I'm deliriously in love with both of them. What a wonderful world we live in.

Brass Monk
I had the splendid opportunity to meet with Kyla for a one hour session a few weeks back and it was my first experience with a WL. I was extremely nervous and my phone also played up and all of her prior communications I hadnt received. In any case, I met her in the foyer and she put me at ease straight away and she was absolutely stunning. She looks elegant yet sexy and I couldn't wait to take her up to my room. Without delving into too much, her body is absolutely amazing and the sex will take some beating. Thanks Kyla
I had the good fortune to celebrate Kyla's first anniversary with her as an escort and consider myself a very lucky man.
Kyla is an extremely sophisticated and beautiful lady but more importantly a really fun person to be with. She arrived wearing a classic white dress and we enjoyed easy conversation and shared a glass of champagne.
I will not share the intimate details of what followed but can assure you it was a truly wonderful afternoon which I hope to relive very soon
If you are looking for a stunning, intelligent lady of true class then make sure you contact Kyla. You will be glad you did
Thank you Kyla
Ian M x
Ian M
You know the drill. Early morning interstate flight, straight to client meetings from airport, more meetings back to back, no breaks - then back to hotel - exhausted. The only thing keeping you going all day is the knowledge that you have a booking with Kyla that night.
When we first meet my energy surges – a statuesque, beautiful woman – I am pretty sure at that point that I have made the right choice. As we sit down to chat, it is clear that in addition to her stunning looks this is an articulate & confident woman. In my book intelligence is very sexy.
Moving from stimulating conversation to some hot foreplay happens naturally and you feel that Kyla is truly in the moment and enjoying what is happening. From there we moved around the suite indulging in some unbelievably sexy happenings. She has a naughty mind so at her suggestion we take up position at the meeting table – ever had a fantasy about your secretary? Thinking of the things we did there still leaves me weak at the knees. The next mornings’ meeting I had whilst sitting in that very chair was the hardest thing I had to do all trip – you try concentrating with those memories flashing through your mind!
Honestly, if you are looking to spend some no strings attached time with a beautiful, grounded & intelligent woman then Kyla should be your girl. Just outstanding.
It has been two months since April when we met, yet I find myself struggling on writing a review for Kyla -- it is challenging to put what I experienced into words, as words fall short when it comes to describing how wonderful Kyla is. Still, there are two things which I have to point out, as my sincerest thanks to her for our time spent together.
To those who are currently browsing her profile, please rest assure that Kyla's pictures failed to do her justice: you are guaranteed to find the same bombshell you expected to greet you at the doorsteps, yet by no means the picture are able to deliver her charming personality, how vocal she can be, nor how she enjoy what she does. All I can say is you will find all the affection and passion of being in love.
Due to discreetness and the natural flow of experience I received, I would not disclose our experience, as I expect that the experiences you will receive will be different from mine. Treat her well, let her make the call, and you will find yourself on the receiving end of an unforgettable girlfriend experience that, in my opinion, easily top the best.
Kyla, thank you once again for the time we shared, and I sincerely hope to meet you again, soon.
Kyla is a gorgeous girl, and it was lovely to meet last night. She is very sweet, and has a natural look with not too much make up, which I prefer. Once upstairs, we opened a bottle of champagne and got to know each other, her ability to genuinely enjoy moments with us was very nice. We enjoyed her company immensely!
Just thinking of her and replaying in my mind some of our moments of our time together which is making me ache! So many sexy memories, downward dog will never be the same! xx
Fit Couple
Kyla is a fun, sexy, smart lady with just the right amount of naughtiness in the bedroom (or the living room in my case as we didn't make it to the bed until much later). Our first meeting was somewhat of a chance encounter - she took on an overnight booking at very short notice - and the second time was the product of pure spontaneity and impulse. I'd sent her a text out of the blue to tell her how much I enjoyed her company the first time around, and a few messages later, we found ourselves at a rooftop bar and picking up right where we left off.
If you're anything like me, you'll find that Kyla's PSE provides the perfect combination of sweet, passionate kisses with dirty, raunchy sex. She really goes with the flow and is very accommodating to say the least. Kyla has a very responsive body, can be quite vocal and isn't afraid to tell you what she likes and wants from you. It is very apparent how much she enjoys what she does.
Both encounters have left me with a big, idiotic smile on my face. Treat her well and you will no doubt be rewarded.
It started with a conversation over dinner, progressed quickly to a short phone conversation between Kyla and my girlfriend and before we both knew it we were nervously awaiting to meet with her in the hotel lobby bar.
I’m not sure who of us was more nervous; we had past the point of no return. Our FFM & Bi fantasy that we both wanted to experience was about to be reality.
Kyla arrived at the bar where we enjoyed a calming drink before she took my girlfriends hand and led us to the lifts.
Once in the room we were handed champagne, enjoyed some more small talk and before we knew it Kyla had assumed control and the two girls were kissing each other.
Kyla was exceptional at making us feel at ease and comfortable during our time. The evening progressed quickly and naturally from some sensual kissing and touching to full on XXX fun!
Kyla appeared to get mutual enjoyment out of the sexual experience that we shared and ensured that we all enjoyed our encounter. Kyla has an array of naughty toys that she brought along and certainly knows when and how to use them.
Kyla is an extremely articulate, beautiful, sexy down to earth woman with a wicked raunchy side in the bedroom.
We have no hesitation in recommending her and cant wait until our next time....
Be warned Kyla is highly addictive!
Naughty Couple
I loved Kyla's company. It was mesmerising... loved every bit of it... look forward to seeing her again. She is super amazing. So natural and down to earth. I love it!
Mr. D
We were left blown away. Kyla was everything we had hoped for and soooo much more. She is truly stunning. Her smile stopped us in our tracks. From the moment we laid eyes on her we couldn't quite believe our good fortune. Though our nerves were still evident, they were quickly put to rest while we got to know Kyla over a glass of champagne. She is immediately engaging, calming and most definitely enticing. We are a couple who love exploring and Kyla took this to new heights. We can not recommend Kyla enough. My boyfriend and I are smitten and I have a huge crush Thank you Kyla x
O & J
Few days back I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady just before her Christmas break. Luckily she accepted my booking request with a short notice. When she came out from the lift in the hotel to meet me I was speechless with her stunning looks.

She is a very sweet person. We had a nice conversation to get to know each other and make ourself comfortable which then proceeds to a steamy encounter.

Her PSE service is a top class one and she drags me into her naughty world. I can finish this writing without describing her beautiful natural tits. Ohhh man!!! You can just meet her to feel her tits. It’s a really worth natural asset of her.

Kyla.. thanks for finishing my year with such a great companionship and a moment to cherish.

Love you and will meet next year 😉

From the first email to our goodbye kiss, Kayla assured us an amazing time. She facilitated the whole process from answering emails to the meet up with no hiccups. She is a natural beauty both inside and out. She started off with getting to know our interests and this really helped calm us down (we were nervous, she’s a beauty) and once the formalities were done, we moved to bedroom. The whole time we were in awe with her beauty, presence and connection with us. She was very accommodating and it is such a joy to get to know her. All extension of all our desires we met that night. She was generous with her attention and was very nice to share tips and tricks with us which we’ve been very happy to bring back to our own bedroom. We look forward to seeing her again! Kisses and Hugs!
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